Most Wanted Scientist Poster

“Most Wanted” Scientist Assignment

This assignment is due on October 1, 2012



You get to choose the type of assignment you would like to do to complete the requirements below. You can choose to do a poster, keynote presentation or a pages presentation. Any type is OK as long as it meets the requirements below.


Basic Requirements: (this will earn a C) - Remember the example I showed you in class.


1. First, middle & last name of your scientist.

2. Picture of your scientist.

3. His/her birthday.

4. One sentence on why they are famous or “wanted”.

5. Country she/he was born in.

6. Where he/she did their work.

7. Date of death or current age if living today.

8. Her/His accomplishments in your own words: 3-5 complete sentences.


To improve your project, add up to 5 of the following: (do this to earn up to an A+)

1. 1-2 additional pictures of your scientist.

2. A quote by your scientist.

3. A picture of what they worked on, example: Invented telephone.

4. Where they went to school/college.

5. If they had any other jobs, example: teacher, lawyer, etc.

6. Family information: husband/wife, children, etc.

7. What else was happening in history when this scientist was famous? Example:


8. Did this scientist work with other scientists? If so, who?

9. Are there any museums or other places that are named after your scientist?

Where is it?


Your grade will be determined by:

o Overall presentation, neatness & CREATIVITY.

o Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and accuracy of information.

o Completeness, all requirements have been met.

o Handed in on time.





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